Mr. Anjan Shrestha

Welcome to NADA

NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal is the only one national level organization of automobile dealers. Organized as a representative body of automobile sector in the country, it already represents of the automobile sector and is involved in promotion of socio-economic development of the country through automobile sector.


To Support National Economy Through Revenue and Service.


Facilitating Nepalese Automobile Sector


To project automobile sector as a key contributor in the national development and to safeguard the rights of all business establishments associated with this sector.

To contribute to the national economic development through the promotion and efficient activation of the Nepalese automobile sector.

To encourage the member organizations to embrace the socio-economic obligations for the overall development of the country.

To provide guidance, consultancy, certification, planning advise and other necessary services for the smooth and progressive functioning of the association.

To share expertise, advise and co-ordinate with the government policy makers and ensuring the protection of rights of the automobile sector.

To take up a leadership role by advising and supporting area and or district level automobile business associations for their development and promotion.

To collect data and information from the automobile sector and publish them in the form of books, newsletters and also in different promotional media.

To tactfully handle and lead the issues of the member organizations and assist in resolving them.

To organize seminars, workshops and exhibitions for the promotion of the Nepalese automobile sector.

To embrace and encourage the promotion of latest technologies, modern automotive and innovative practices in the automobile sector.

To work as a not-for-profit organization for the multidimensional development of the automobile sector in Nepal.