Heading Sub-heading Description of article Import Duty (General)
84.51 Machinery (other than machines of Heading 84.50) for washing, cleaning, wringing, drying, ironing, pressing (including fusing presses), bleaching, dyeing, dressing, finishing, coating or impregnating textile yearns, fabrics or made up textile articles and machines for applying the paste to the base fabric or other support used in the manufacture of floor covering such as linoleum; machines for relling, unreeling, folding, cutting or pinking textile fabrics.
8456.10.00 -Operated by laser or other light or photon beam processes Free
8456.20.00 -Operated by ultra-sonic processes 5%
8456.30.00 -Operated by electro-discharge processes 5%
8456.90.00 -Other: Free
84.57 Machining centres, unit construction machines (single station) and multi-station transfer machines, for working metal.
8457.10.00 -Machining centres 5%
8457.20.00 -Unit construction machines (single station) 5%
8455.30.00 -Mulit-station transfer machines 5%
84.58 Lathes (including turning centres) for removing metal.
-Horizontal lathes:
8458.11.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
-Other lathes:
8458.91.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8458.99.00 -Other 5%
84.59 Machine-tools (including way-type unit head machines) for drilling, boring, milling, threading or tapping by removing metal, other than lathes (including turning centres) of Heading 84.58.
8459.10.00 -Way-type unit head machines 5%
-Other drilling machines:
8459.21.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8459.29.00 -Other 5%
-Other boring-milling machines:
8459.31.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8459.39.00 -Other 5%
8459.40.00 -Other boring machines 5%
-Milling machines, knee-type:
8459.51.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8459.59.00 -Other 5%
-Other milling machines
8459.61.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8459.69.00 -Other 5%
8459.70.00 -Other threading or tapping machines 5%
84.60 Machine-tools for deburring, sharpening, grinding, honing, lapping, polishing or otherwise finishing metal, or cermets by means of grinding stones, abrasives or polishing products, other than gear cutting, gear grinding or gear finishing machines of Heading 84.61.
-Flat-surface grinding machines, in which the positioning in any one axis can be set up to an accuracy of at least 0. 0 1 mm:
8460.11-00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8460.19.00 -Other 5%
-Other grinding machines, in which the positioning in any one axis can be set up to an accuracy of at least 0. 01 mm:
8460.21.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8460.29.00 -Other 5%
Sharpening (tool or cutter grinding) machines:
8460.31.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8460.39.00 Other 5%
8460.40.00 -Honing or lapping machines 5%
8460.90.00 -Other 5%
84.61 Machine tools for planning, shaping, slotting, broaching, gear cutting, gear grinding or gear finishing, sawing, cutting off and other machineĀ¬ tools working by removing metal, or cermets, not elsewhere specified or included.
8461.20.00 -Shaping or slotting machines 5%
8461.30.00 -Broaching machines 5%
8461.40.00 -Gear cutting, gear grinding or gear finishing machines 5%
8461.50.00 -Sawing or cutting of machines 5%
8461.90.00 -Other 5%
84.62 Machine tools (including presses) for working metal by forging, hammering or die stamping; machine tools (including presses) for working metal by bending, folding, straightening, flattening, shearing, punching or notching; presses for working metal or metal carbides, not specified above.
8462.10.00 -Forging or die stamping machines (including presses) and hammers 5%
-Bending, folding, straightening or flattening machines (including presses):
8462.21.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8462.29.00 -Other 5%
- Shearing machines (including presses), other than combined punching and shearing machines:
8462.31.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8462.39.00 -Other 5%
Punching or notching machines (including presses), including combined punching and shearing machines:
8462.41.00 -Numerically controlled 5%
8462.49.00 -Other 5%
8462.91.00 -Hydraulic presses 5%
8462.99.00 -Other 5%
84.63 Other machine-tools for working metal, or cermets, without removing material.
8463.10.00 -Draw-benches for bars tubes, profiles, wire or the like 5%
8463.20.00 -Thread rolling machines
8463.30.00 -Machines for working wire 5%
8463.90.00 -Other 5%
84.64 Machine-tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, asbestos-cement or like mineral materials or for cold working glass.
8464.10.00 -Sawing machines Free
8464.20.00 -Grinding or polishing machines Free
8464.90.00 -Other Free
84.65 Machine-tools (including machines for nailing, stapling, glueing or otherwise assembling) for working wood, cork, hone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar hard materials.
8465.10.00 -Machines which can carry out different types of machining operations without tool change between such operations 5%
8465.91.00 -Sawing machines 5%
8465.92.00 -Planning, milling or moulding (by cutting) machines 5%
8465.93.00 -Grinding sanding or polishing machines 5%
8465.94.00 -Bending or assembling machines 5%
8465.95.00 -Drilling or morticing machine 5%
8465.96.00 -Splitting slicing or paring machines 5%
8465.99.00 -Other 5%

Subject to change without prior notice, please check with concern department