4. Vehicle Classification
The vehicle classification has been adopted from that of EU as per the following Table:

Category Description Sub-category No. of Persons Mass Limit
M Carriage of Passengers, Minimum 4 wheels MI Upto 9 persons GVW=3500 kg
M2 GVW=3500 kg
M3 Over 9 persons 5000 kg < GVW
N Carriage of Goods, Minimum 4 wheels N1 C1 I NA Max GVW=3500 kg RM=1305 kg
N1 C1 II 1305 kg < RM=1706 kg
N1 C1 III 1706kg < RM=3500 kg
N2 3500 kg < GVW= 12000 kg
N3 1706kg < RM=3500 kg 12000 kg < GVW

*Until Euro 4, M1 two sub groups, M1 with GVWd. 2500 kg: M1 with 2500 kg < GVWd.3500 kg.

5. Type 5 Test: Added in accordance with table furnished below

Alternatively, manufacturers may opt for deterioration factor from the following table:

SN Vehicle category M and N with GVW not exceeding 3.5 T Mass of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Mass of Hydrocarbon (HC) Combined Mass of hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxides (HC+NOx) Mass of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Mass of Particulate Matters (PM)
1 Positive ignition gasoline vehicles 1.2 1.2 Not Applicable 1.2 Not Applicable
2 Two wheelers and three wheelers with gasoline 1.2 Not Applicable 1.2 Not Applicable Not Applicable
3 Compression ignition diesel vehicles 1.2 Not Applicable 1.0 1.0 1.2

Notwithstanding whatever is provided elsewhere, vehicles manufactured in every country which have passed the minimum test procedures in their respective countries of origin in equivalence with Euro, III standards may be imported without any restriction.

Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standards 2069 (2012) (NVMES, 2069) published in Notice no.3 of this Ministry in Nepal Gazette, Part 5, Para 62, Volume 19 and dated 13th August, 2012 has been hereby repealed.

By order
Mr. Krishna Gyawali
Secretary, Government of Nepal

Published by the Government of Nepal, in Chapter 62, Volume 29, Part 5 in Nepal Gazette, dated 2069/06/29 (October 15, 2012 AD).